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After 16 years of working in a self-employed manner and pleasing myself as to which jobs I undertook and where I completed them, I am taking on a new full time job. The post entails providing casting services to the NHS in England.

How my experience will translate into clinical service provision, while being mindful of budgets, is a matter for guesswork at the moment. Resources are clearly stretched in all NHS service provision roles. Nowhere is it more noticeable (for a clinical service provider) than in staffing the various clinical areas.

The training of staff has taken a few surprising turns in recent years and nurses and doctors undergo training programs which appear to be very different from that which I came to know; and understood very well. The clinical leadership on wards and in acute units, from nursing staff, is frequently absent.

My suspicion is that clinical work cannot be taught from a book and the set texts which are used today are lacking some material when it comes to passing on clinical understanding. Basic care does not, for example, seem to extend to preventing pressure injuries.

Clinicians do not appear to spend enough hours learning their craft before being allocated to clinical duties. It is the case that they may be allocated to specialist areas in which they have little to no interest. The net result is clinicians in training who are difficult to engage in the work.

The constraints imposed by NHS local and national policies will be challenges to work around and I will report on issues as and when they arise. The relevance to other NHS staff is clear. Whether the global audience will derive any benefit from these reports remains to be seen but it is my hope that they will see some benefit in following some of the day to day incidents.

New for this blog is the ability to comment on a particular post and this will be provided for future posts. The next series of posts will be video clips of particular methods of cast application. It is hoped that some cast technicians will find the methods useful. It is expected that the first video clips will appear before the end of the year.


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